When you visit Sunshine Hill Designs, you're not going to find just one thing. This is a culmination of many thing that I, owner and creator Jenn Hill, try to do to bring happiness in people's lives. Whether it be plants, skin care, or art, Sunshine Hill Designs is here bringing magical creations in your life. To know me, is to know that my brain never stops with ideas and new creations! That's why Sunshine Hill Designs has many facets to it and is an ever evolving company.

When I was a child, I was born with terrible eczema. It felt incredibly embarrassing! Despite all of my discomfort, I couldn't find a single soap, cream, or medicine to alleviate my pain.

Then, I discovered aroma therapy. Having a natural curiosity, I taught myself by studying all kinds of self healing books. Through many trials, I was determined to create a cure for my eczema. Finally I created a one-of-a-kind formula of minimal and natural ingredients, along with smelling fantastic! I realized I didn't want to keep this discovery to myself, as I was knew there were other people who suffered the same as I had. I remember my gram always telling me "I love your mug" (especially on the days when my eczema was at it's worse). I wanted to share my discovery and give other people the love  and support my gram gave me- and Love UR Mug was born!

Along with my passion to help people, I discovered a passion for house plants as well. Once again, I went through many trials trying to understand how to take care of my plants (it wasn't easy at first). I now have about 200 house plants. One of my favorite things to do is propagate them and share them with friends, even though some aren't as plant savvy. I wanted to help and was determined to find a solution. Always being a tinker, I designed a self watering planter that is safe for anyone to use, out of beautiful bottles I have collected. This turned into my next passion, Nice Glass. I used my new skills to up cycle glass bottles and painters, wall sconces, wind chimes, candle votives, anything you can think of!

Whether I am making soaps and skin care or tinkering with glass and plants, having my heart and head in the same place is magical, and I hope to bring that experience to you as well. In creating Sunshine Hill Designs, I've realized that I am blessed for being able to share my creations and making people smile. When you visit this website or become one of my customers, you become an extended part of my family. Welcome!